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History and Details about Aldan Eagle

The Ultimate Shock

Aldan Eagle coilover shock absorbers are designed with the custom vehicle builder (street rod, race car and kit or component car) in mind. These vehicles have individual specifications which vary drastically in suspension design, weight, weight distribution and compression/rebound performance requirements. We offer a wide variety of shock lengths, damping adjustment and, where applicable, coil- over spring tensions, so you may dial in your shock to meet the specific weight characteristics and overall ride/handling needs of your vehicle. According to Kelly Stebbins, president of the Aldan Shock Absorber Company, "Our overall goal has always been to design and build a shock absorber with true high-performance capabilities, that will deliver superior suspension control and excellent ride comfort. We believe we have not only met these goals, but can deliver better quality and wider selection than any competitor." Stock production shock absorbers are designed to function in production cars, all of which are built exactly alike. Their shock design parameters are carefully engineered for a single application. Aldan shocks meet the special needs of highly specialized vehicles that have a great variety of ride and handling qualities. travel is one of the most frequent problem areas in specialty cars, which usually sit lower than production vehicles, thus limiting the room available for suspension mounting. Lowered vehicles are prone to bottom out with soft springs and shocks, while stiff springs cause a harsher ride. The Aldan Eagle adjustable shock minimizes this problem by providing the builder with a wide choice of heights, spring weights and twelve positions of valving, from soft for normal loads, to extra firm for maximum load conditions. The shock valving does not support weight; however, the stiffer the setting the slower the suspension moves because of increase damping effect. The way your car rides is a combination of several factors: travel, shock rate and spring rate. Your suspension system must be able to move freely without bind or the car will tend to move with suspension movement. Suspension bind is caused mainly by incorrectly designed suspension systems. Proper shock positioning is crucial.

Aircraft quality, all-aluminum, all-American-made Aldan Eagle rebuildable high performance shock absorbers street rods, race cars and kit cars are designed to perform and built to last. Properly installed, they will give your car superior suspension control and excellent ride comfort for many years-they look great, too !

The Aldan Eagle shock absorber is machined from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum stock, which provides superior heat dissipation, maximum strength and quality appearance. Special features are an easy twelve-position damping adjustment, an internally vented oil chamber which protects the top seal from excess pressure and stops leakage, nitrogen gas charging for fade-free damping and consistent operation, and hydraulic anti-topping. Internal 3-stage valve control automatically accommodates variations in sudden shock impulses for consistent damping under all road and speed conditions. Bottom threaded nut quickly changes spring preload to adjust ride height. A 9/16-inch piston rod and 1.25-inch dia. sintered metal piston operating in an inner steel cylinder assure rugged, dependable service. Assembly and spring changing are simple; a press is not required.